Dental Practice Due Diligence

Dental Practice Transitions

Are You Looking at Buying a Dental Practice?

As your buyer’s agent, JoAnne’s support includes helping you communicate your needs to the owner who is selling his or her practice or to another broker representing the seller.

Buying a Dental Practice —

Should be one of the most positive experiences of your lifetime–but

dental school does not prepare you for this enormous step.  

 JoAnne Tanner, MBA, can make the difference by getting you what you want in the sale without the pitfalls that can derail the inexperienced buyer

What Makes JoAnne Different from Other Dental Transition Specialists?

She provides due diligence to uncover the critical factors of the sale externally, and uncovers potential revenue generating opportunities internally by performing a thorough analysis of the current practice management systems.

JoAnne can laser focus on the most critical details of a sale to provide representation on the following:

  • Evaluating key practice vital signs including actual active patients and accurate new patient numbers, fee analysis, and much more
  • Examination and verification of all documents necessary for the completion of the transition
  • Keys to understanding the sellers’ staff culture and patient treatment philosophy
  • Guidance to growing the practice of your dreams
  • JoAnne’s personal coaching/guidance throughout the transition and afterward

We have referred a number of clients to Joanne Tanner for assistance with “due diligence” when contemplating the purchase of a Dental Practice and have been very satisfied with her services. She also has invaluable knowledge with respect to counseling new owners of dental practices with respect to how to preserve goodwill and move the practice in a positive direction. Ms. Tanner is also very knowledgeable and skilled in handling staff, especially when the practice needs some assistance to get everyone on the same page and to pursue the same objectives.” Ron Goldman, Attorney at Law, Goldman Law

From the beginning of my dental practice acquisition to my 3rd year into my practice now, Joanne from Tanner Management has been with me through every step of the way. Initially when I had reached out to her, she met me at the practice I was interested in purchasing, where she helped me with the process of what to look for and if this practice was the right fit for me. I was clueless. I didn’t know anything about dental insurance, staff management, collections from patients or how to even approach them. I’ve only done dentistry since graduating 14 years ago.  She plugged me in with the right people to help me make this strong decision. Now, I appreciate the help of her coaching skills for both my team and I, for helping us understand the business by reviewing our monthly numbers with us, training us on how to increase production and keeping us on track to help us in the areas we need to work on including hiring staff, marketing. Most of all, Joanne believes in me, she believes that I will thrive, and cares about the well being of this practice and me.”  Anna Yi, DDS

JoAnne’s knowledge and experience were essential in guiding me through buying a dental practice.  I would highly recommend her to help anyone looking to perform due diligence on a possible practice purchase.”

“JoAnne Tanner is one of the dental pros that you need to know!”     Haden Werhan, CPA/PFS

To find out more about how JoAnne Tanner, MBA can help you purchase a dental practice you’ve always wanted or schedule an obligation free dental practice management consultation, please contact us or call us at (916) 791-2720.