Dental Practice Transitions Consultant – JoAnne Tanner

Whether you are considering purchasing a practice, or preparing your practice for sale in the future, there are hundreds of items to review to help you get the best price possible. Buying or Selling your business  is a huge decision, similar to purchasing a house. If you are selling, you will want to “Clean up” old accounts, pay off any outstanding debt, and “spruce” up the place a bit. If you are in the market to purchase a dental practice, how will you know if the numbers they are telling you are truly accurate? In addition, have there been any major staff changes, equipment purchases, or insurance network changes that would affect the flow of new patients giving a suspicious number or trend. What type of marketing has the practice done, if any?

What does a Dental Practice Transitions Consultant do?

A consultant or practice coach will guide you in the timing, look at and evaluate the paperwork, and advise you if you are on the right track in your journey. There have been times that we have actually advised AGAINST purchasing a practice because the numbers didn’t add up to a profitable future for that dentist. Knowing this in advance, can save you thousands of dollars and lots of headaches. You will still want to include a practice broker for the appraisal, an attorney who is familiar with dental practice sales, along with a knowledgeable CPA to review and confirm the correct reports. We work with dozens of related professionals across the country and can help you find the best people for you to work with if you don’t know where to start.

Where to Start Your Practice Ownership Journey?

Give us a call, we promise we won’t bite. After all, this is what we love doing! Ask us anything, no questions are dumb questions. In fact, we prefer working with people that like to ask questions, it shows interest and ambition.

Does it matter if you are in California and I am in the East Coast?

Not at all. Because of COVID-19, we have automated all of our systems, and between ZOOM meetings, email, and cell phones, we can help you like we are right next door. In fact, we’ve worked with hundreds of offices across the country. Yes, every situation is unique, but, they are some basic rules of profitability, systems analysis, demographics, and trends, that will hold strong, no matter where you are! So, absolutely, give us a call from anywhere in the US.


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A Testimony from one of our local dental society presentation participants:

I wanted to thank you for a very informational presentation and for working the dental society. I have received many positive comments and they would like to have a longer presentation. I would like to pursue this with the ACDS Continuing Education Committee. Now that you have given our membership a “taste” of your vital information I think they are ready for a more in-depth presentation with their staff present.  Dental Consultant, JoAnne Tanner.

Thank you again.

Norma Claassen, CAE

Executive Director

Alameda County Dental Society

1345 Grand Avenue Suite 102

Piedmont CA 94610